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General information about Phoenixtraining

The Phoenixtraining consists of different methods to strengthen our self-healing potential. Buddhist healing meditations, Chi Gong and Neigong/inner Chi Gong as well as curative hypnosis and imaginary journeys are important elements of the training. Basis and background of the training establish the cultivation of a positive relation to oneself and the actualisation of our compassionate essential core.


Build-up of the training:

  • Introduction (theory, Buddhist healing meditations, Chi Gong)
  • Introduction to solution focussed curative hypnosis
  • seminary with focus on embodiment – mindfulness training, training in the perception of one’s own body
  • seminary with focus on energy flow – Chi Gong, Neigong, breathing exercises to increase the energy flow, transformation of negative emotional behaviour patterns
  • seminary with focus on curative hypnosis and imaginary journeys: Learning of self-hypnosis/autohypnosis for self-healing effects


Buddhism, therapy, and cultural engagement: an emerging energy

Madrid, 25th – 27th September 2015

Francoise Guillot, Buchener Straße 32, 68259 Mannheim, Tel.: 0621/404632